September 17, 2015

#Spygate Part 2 ahead?

Per Poynter, a journalism industry tracker, Don Van Natta of ESPN says that he and partner Seth Wickersham could have MORE stuff, beyond what they had earlier this month, about the details of the New England Patriots' spying on other teams.

Van Natta, who co-wrote the story with Seth Wickersham, says they have received more than a dozen calls from various league sources since the story was released.
And, not just the Patriots, either. Van Natta said something about "other teams."
He did say a couple of the leads involved other teams, although the Patriots remain the main focus. 
“We heard from people we didn’t even interview who were confirming the storylines in our piece,” Van Natta said. “It confirmed the anger and paranoia around the league about the Patriots.”

Given that, in the original, as I blogged about it, the Patriots' spying was extensive, and covered all the last six years of former NFL Commish Paul Tagliabue's reign, and he (and apparently, other owners), kind of shrugged their shoulders, I wouldn't be surprised at all if other teams were doing this.

And, Roger Goodell, the current Commissioner Almost, has been a bumbler in general, and now he’s playing in the major leagues:
Prior to coming to ESPN, Van Natta covered the White House, Pentagon, the CIA, and spent three years interviewing intelligence officers in Europe for the New York Times. He jokes that all of that experience proved to be “a good training ground” for doing investigative stories on the NFL.
Getcha popcorn.

And, start wondering when the owners will get some balls, or else enough embarrassment, or else enough lawsuits, to buy out Goodell’s contract.

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