September 03, 2015

Dear neocons: Here's a great #IranDeal for you ... with Dimona

As neoconservatives both Jewish and goyish, both Israeli and American, ramp up their rhetoric, with its mix of lies and misleadings, against President Obama's nuclear enrichment control deal with Iran, even as they have officially lost, I have a great proposition.

It's one that no honest neocon could reject.

Iran, at Natanz and elsewhere, is subject to ...

The same nuclear inspections as Israel at Dimona.

Simple. Period. End of story.

Given how Israel not only refuses to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (one of only four such countries, or five if counting the withdrawn North Korea), but is a would-be known violator of it,

So, for both the neocons and Bibi Netanyahu's current Israeli government, it's high points of hypocrisy staggering even by its standards to put out bullshit like this.

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