SocraticGadfly: #JebBush and #DonaldTrump: Let that be your last battlefield, like #StarTrek

August 25, 2015

#JebBush and #DonaldTrump: Let that be your last battlefield, like #StarTrek

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Per my further Photoshopping of Jeb Bush's black hand image, a la the "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" episode of the original Star Trek, and per Donald Trump's groin-kneeing of the Jebster on it, Jeb Bush has come out returning fire.

Of course, Jeb Bush has had to backpedal on the phrase "anchor baby." Beyond that, his claim to support civil liberties and the 14th Amendment are laughable after the 2000 general election and the infamous Brooks Brothers Riot. So, Jebmeister, spare us the bullshit. It's simply not true, and a lot of us know that.

(If only we could force GOP candidates to often speak to GOP-only audiences at times.)

And, if Trump is shifting the GOP campaign to his terms, what happens when he presumably implodes?

That said, I wouldn't bet on that happening.

And, why not?


GOP voters have consistently shown that they'll believe stupid lies by the rich, as long as they're told with Hitlerian conviction. Even some independents will. If Ross Perot hadn't undermined himself in 1992 with his initial drop-out (though, it wouldn't surprise me if he were right about the Poppy Bush campaign spying on him) maybe he could have won.


Katy Anders said...

On the one hand, I'd love to insult Jeb Bush and his horrible campaign.

But on the other hand, I am sort of afraid that would be racist.

Gadfly said...

Racist? Insulting a southern whitey pretending to be a pseudo-populist? Like calling him a Brooks Brothers Cracker?