SocraticGadfly: Biden's running, folks

August 25, 2015

Biden's running, folks

Doesn't this look like a Mafia "blessing"?
It's not officially, but it's unofficially official.

First, Obama's press secretary said he might endorse somebody in the Democratic primary. I figured it probably wouldn't be Hillary Clinton and definitely wouldn't be Bernie Sanders.

And now, Obama, without an endorsement, has gone so far as to give Biden his "blessing." See the cutline for my thoughts on that bit of loveliness.

That said, I'd previously said Biden needed to shit or get off the pot by Labor Day. He may not be shitting yet, but he just swallowed a healthy dose of fiber. The public announcement by Dear Leader's team, first of the endorsement possibility, then the blessing, indicates that, despite remaining semi-neutral, Obama's backing a horse.

And that, gaffes and all, he apparently likes Biden.

That said, what Michael Tomasky calls ugly, I call entertaining. Hell, American politics is a dog-and-pony show of entertainment anyway.


Katy Anders said...

I think I'm happy about this.

Gadfly said...

Katy, as I said on my previous post about the possibility of him running, he'll certainly enliven the race. And, because he's in the same competition space as Hillary, he'll force her to either become more unbuttoned, or else more buttoned up.