June 01, 2015

Huckleberry J. Butchmeup is running for prez as ...

Huckleberry J. Killemall.

Pronounce both versions of the snarky last name takeoff on Sen. Lindsay Graham, and you'll get him in a nutshell.

The second version relates to his presidential campaign announcement. Here's a man running in the War on Terra, who thinks Obama's to blame for the current situation in Iraq (wrong in spades, but not necessarily for all the reasons some others may think Graham is wrong), who probably thinks Shrub Bush wasn't violent enough, and who maybe even thinks the same about Darth Cheney. Given that he hasn't actually "supported the troops" any more than most other House or Senate Republicans, his idea of sending more troops there is nonsense.

Worse than that, Graham is doing nuclear saber-rattling against Iran. And, supported the idea of presidential extra-judicial killing. In other words, he's scary and nucking futs.

That said, he has been mildly enlightened on immigration at times.

He's shown no special enlightenment on gay rights, though. And, although just being a lifelong bachelor isn't itself proof of sexual orientation, that first version of a mock last name notes that "lifestyle" rumors about Graham have been around for years.

They probably won't get much more traction, because I don't expect him to do that well.

However, if he DOES win his home state of South Carolina, with it being early in the primary cycle, more stuff will come flying over transoms. Count on it.

In other words, GOP foes may not discuss his campaign with a ...

Wait for it, wait for it ...

Straight face.

That's why it's funny that the NYTimes, in its story (the extra-judicial killing) says that Graham may seek to come from being at the back of the pack by "opening up."

Hah! Any "opening up" will be selective; I don't expect him to take a "wide stance" on opening up.

Oops. Was that out loud?

Friend Perry, who invented the Butchmeup name, has more on Graham.

I have more snark on the lifestyle rumors here, as part of my Rick Santorum presidential announcement.

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