April 26, 2015

No, the #Cardinals are NOT chasing Cole Hamels

Adam Wainwright
The Achilles injury of Adam Wainwright seemingly has the St. Louis Cardinals on the look for a starting pitcher. But, contra the uninformed speculation of sports bloggers like Bill Baer, they are NOT "in" on the Cole Hamels market.

Tim Cooney can fill in for a couple of starts if needed, then either Jaime Garcia or Marco Gonzales will be rehabbed from injury. I'll pass on Tyler Lyons; he hasn't impressed before; if we have to use him, well, "OK," but let's try Cooney first. If he doesn't work, maybe Jaime or Marco will be ready.

Going outside? On Hamels? If the internal options don't work?

GM John Mozeliak might pay the salary price, but his Philly counterpart Ruben Amaro has given no indication of reducing his ask.

Mozeliak said he'll first look at the team's internal market at Memphis before talking to other clubs, anyway. And, Bernie Miklasz speculates that "low hanging fruit" like Kyle Lohse, Aaron Harang, or even Jeff Szamardjiza, will all be available soon enought Bernie also mentions David Price or Jordan Zimmermann, but I expect the Tigers and Nats to both be in the playoff hunt, therefore ruling them out. (And, both teams owners have no problem spending money to hold on to players in walk years.) Lohse's Brewers are already out, as are Harang's Phillies, but RAJ might want too much back for even Harang. There's also signing Paul Maholm out of retirement as a spot starter/long reliever.

And, other possibilities will open up by the end of May or early June; Mo said he's not likely to look outside internal options before then. So, there's no need for the Cards, or Cards fans, to panic. Mozeliak knows that, and Ruben Amaro will soon learn that. Maybe Bill Baer will too.

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