March 22, 2015

Havana Ted is running for Prez

Sen. "Havana" Ted Cruz
Calling him either that, as a riff on Tailgunner Joe McCarthy, or the Havana Ham as a riff on his oversized ego, is appropriate at all times, but especially since Ted Cruz is going to announce he's running for president on Monday.

The Houston Chronicle has a good news analysis piece, especially about what' moved from becoming the mother's milk to the Jack Daniel's of modern politics — money and Cruz's chance of raising a lot of it. Since one Daddy Warbucks, himself pretty much a wingnut, Sheldon Adelson, thinks Cruz is too much a wingnut to win, he probably won't get much of that.

Speaking of, I want him to make his officially announcement at a golf course, so somebody can ask him about Agenda 21.

Gromer Jeffers, meanwhile, notes that Havana Ted is directly modeling his move after the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania, namely, Dear Leader.

Perry's got a full piece with more thoughts. I know the mainstream media always salivates over a brokered convention possibility; maybe Perry's right and Rafael Teddy can make their day. At least, give us a 1964 Cow Palace brouhaha.

Speaking of, if Cruz can't cobble something together to force a brokered convention, any chance he runs on his own in the general?

Finally, one other angle. Constitutional scholars agree that Ted Cruz is a "natural born" American citizen, but will some tea partiers haul out the "birther" artillery?

And, can we have a "Natural Born Wingnut" parady biopic?

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