March 28, 2015

#ClintonEmails — Hillary doubles down on teh stupidz

I've blogged before that Hillary Clinton's worst enemy is none other than Hillary Clinton, and yesterday, she proved that in spades, when she deleted all the emails on her private server.

Unless her daddy Warbucks Eric Hothem is even more skilled at clean-wiping than is any of 100,000 wingnuts with computer expertise who are now surely racing to volunteer to help Trey Gowdy et al work on recovering information from that server, this is a stupid mistake of arrogance indeed. It's being compounded by old Clintonista hand David Kendall, who's her lawyer (guess that makes him a lawyer's lawyer, as the Tricky Dick/Slickstress Hillary analogies pile up) refusing to turn that server over to a State Department inspector general.

This is just the latest installment of her pretending to tell all while telling nothing.

Well, a subpoena's gonna come next.

And, then, the para-political apparatus behind Clinton will start the next round of kabuki. It's all about the money, followed by the access and "exposure," which pays diddly squat to peons on places like Puff Hoes but pays big for political insiders.

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