February 02, 2015

Feb. 2: #HugYourFavoriteSniperDay

Chris Kyle: Large, no longer in charge, and very dead.
At least here in Texass, it is.

Gov. Greg Abbott, two weeks into his new administration as governor of the Great State of Texas Pointy Abandoned Object State™,  has wasted no time in showing that his predecessor, Rick Perry, has nothing to show him in the school of pandering to wingnuts.

Abbott has proclaimed today Chris Kyle Day. Even as, per this piece, many Americans reject the spin on Kyle, and the movie "American Sniper," that wingnuts are trying to foist on us.

So, go out and hug your favorite sniper!

But, why stop there?

Since the wingnuts to whom Abbott is pandering in Texas have other goals and agendas, let's have some more "days" we can have here in Texas, by all means.

March 9: Navy SEAL School Crossing Guard Day. Navy SEALs with untreated PTSD are offered the chance to be school crossing guards, complete with full weaponry. The day is proclaimed in conjunction with legislation making ex-SEALs school security on a trial program basis, just in case some kid brings a gun to school under new open carry laws.

After all, as Chris Kyle's own apotheosis (sic, and sick) shows, it can't be any worse than other gun-related therapy for military veterans with untreated PTSD now, can it?

April 4: SEALs in Huntsville Day. Abbott, deciding to pander for national red state support even out to conservative Utah, signs a pilot program to emulate the pre-1980 Beehive State of Gary Gilmore fame and bring death by firing squad to the Texas state pen. Knowing that Chris Kyle was "the most prolific sniper in history," (stand by, Abbott's got a fact-check phone call in to Guinness Book of World Records), who better for the firing squad for him and his buddies? Especially if they have untreated PTSD, they'll have no moral reservations about executing a man with a sub-70 IQ. Or two. (I do NOT want to hear three and five is very right out.)

May 12: Take a Sniper to a Tea Party Day. Knowing that American snipers, as down to earth, mentally stable, small-town freckle-faced, apple-pie, hot-dog-eating, Chevy-driving next door Americans love nothing more than a small town tea party, Abbott proclaims this day to encourage all patriotic, Texas-loving Tea Partiers to invite their favorite snipers and personally thank them.

August 11: Texas Olympics Day. Because everything is bigger, and badder-ass, in Texas, Abbott announces this day as the kickoff of his plan to petition the International Olympic Committee to make sniping an Olympic sport.

Finally, if we have a Chris Kyle Day, why not a Charles Whitman Day? A nice clean-cut ex-Marine, and a prolific shooter to boot.

Michael Moore talks here about his Tweet that started the wingnuts to slavering and slobbering. He talks here about what he sees as a decade-old "slippage" by Clint Eastwood. Hmm, maybe he's our new Charlton Heston, Alzheimer's and all?

Now, I'm no blank-check fan of Moore's. That said, his Tweet is more about the limits of Twitter than it is about any stupidity on his part.

The nationalistic and American exceptionalism bottom line, of course, is that THEIR snipers are cowards, while OUR snipers are heroes.

And, if you think I'm snarky, read Matt Taibbi's review. Beyond snarky, he notes, bluntly, that the real life Chris Kyle was more of a dick than Eastwood buffed him up to be.

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