October 13, 2014

#WheelchairKen can't stand #AbortionBarbie calling him out for not sharing his wheelchair

That's in essence the faux outrage that the Greg Abbott campaign machine is ginning up over Wendy Davis' "Justice" ad, below:

Sadly, not just the non-liberal mainstream media, but the theoretically actually liberal portion of the national commentariat, like Mother Jones, has fallen for Abbott hook, line and sinker. 

I Tweeted about this back on Friday, when I  first read Abbott's faux outrage machine cranking up, and sent a copy of my Tweet Saturday to the twit from Mojo. Slightly edited, for full sentence type reading, it says:

, (aka)  (is) upset (at) being hinted at as by minions of pers(on) (his) minions call .

Hence the header for this piece.


Here is a good explainer. At the end, Davis staffer Joel Benenson offers a good explainer to Mojo twit Ben Dreyfuss, twit George Stephanopoulos, twit Donna Brazile, and the likes of unnamed twit Michael Lind:
“The ad’s not aimed at Donna Brazile. The ad is aimed at voters in Texas,” he said. “I’m confident that the ad is effective and working and is consistent with the strategy of our ads in this campaign that depicts Greg Abbott as an insider repeatedly siding with insiders and against average Texans.”

Or this, from another Texas blogger, which gets at the heart of the issue: Greg Abbott had a tree fall in him while jogging. He sued, got tens of millions of dinero, then, when he got into statewide office, supported so-called "tort reform" that pulled the economic ladder back up after himself.

Now, why did I say "unnamed twit Michael Lind"?

Because neoliberal (fancy speak for "fake liberal") Lind, who unlike Ben Dreyfuss is a native Texan, and brags about it to boot, pulled the same bullshit when Rick Perry was indicted. And, I hadn't kicked him enough yet over that.

Friend Perry has even more on the faux outrage.

Per my Tweet, when Wheelchair Ken formally disavows the Abortion Barbie meme that his minions have been mouthing for nine months, then and only then does he have even one scintilla of right to run the faux outrage machine. Until then, he can shut the fuck up.

Likewise, until faux liberals Ben Dreyfuss, Michael Lind, George Stephanopoulos, Donna Brazile and others get a clue, they can shut the fuck up, too.

It should be added that "Wheelchair Ken" has enver been a regular meme among either top staffers for or top donors t Davis. The reverse is not true with Abbott. In fact, one of the places where "Abortion Barbie" first took off was in the Orange County area, among some of those big out-of-state donors that Abbott denies having.

Update, Oct. 15: Hey, Wheelchair Ken? Davis' filibuster from last year is now, at least for now, at least a partial legal winner.

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