October 31, 2014

Dear GOP Congresscritters: You're not ob-gyns, either

The bullshit evasiveness of GOP Congressional candidates on climate change, the "I'm not a scientist" statement, makes me want to puke.

First, as one political scientist notes in the story, if followed out logically, then Congresscritters, not being engineers, shouldn't vote on air, rail and car traffic and transportation issues. Not being accountants, by and large, they shouldn't be voting on budgets. (Well, that one may actually be true, in a snarky sense, but you know what I mean.)

And, GOP Congresscritters, not being obstetricians or gynecologists, then should stop sticking their collective noses in women's reproductive business.

This "I'm not a scientist" BS is BS at the highest, or deepest, level.

And, debate moderators in particular and the media in general, rather than a general callout, should specifically say, "You're not an ob-gyn" as part of their callout.

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