June 04, 2014

Comment moderation vs the #SJW Internet nanny state at #MLBTradeRumors

I don't care for personally abusive comments on the Internet. I can understand the use of moderation, whether done by humans, or by systems, where certain words automatically lead to a comment being put on hold for review.

But, MLBTradeRumors has gone too far.

In a recent thread about trading for David Price, as I blogged about here, I got into a back and forth with a couple of commenters, especially one "Dave."  The most "abusive" thing I said was when he insisted that Oscar Taveras would play center field when Matt Adams came back off the DL, was this:
He will NOT and Mozeliak has already said so. He's even used the phrase "junior GMs" for people who think Taveras is a CF.
I didn't mention "Dave" by name, nor did I even use the word "you." If that's abusive, MLBTradeRumors can eat my shorts. And, per this story from the Post-Dispatch, as I note in my blogging about Taveras' call-up, Mo's used that phrase a number of times.

So, again, if quoting what a major-league general manager has said about ignorant fans is "abusive," MLBTradeRumors can eat my shorts.

I know it prevents people from posting links to their blog there. The only other possible violation of its TOU is that I mentioned, somewhere in the thread that "on my blog" I had said more about this.

If that's a violation of that part of its TOU, MLBTradeRumors can eat my shorts twice on Sunday.

I got no email specifying why I was blocked. Their link just goes to a Disqus webpage with generic information about Disqus posts at any website being blocked or deleted. And MLBTradeRumor's "contact" page has two reasons for contacting them; neither is about commenting questions.

So, I Tweeted its account; I later used their comment form, even though it's not built for comments like this at all. We'll see if I get any response.

If it's something worse than the above, fine. Tell me what it is. But, to the best of my knowledge, those are the two "worst" things I did.

And, if you're not going to tell me why I'm blocked, then "fine" in scare quotes. In that case, I guess my final observation, per the first hashtag, of the "block bot" Twitter add-on that social justice warriors within the Gnu Atheism movement use, as I discussed last fall.

Oh, well, if I am blocked, it saves me wasting quite so much time there. (That's as being opposed to wasting time elsewhere online.)

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