SocraticGadfly: IF ... If #GregAbbott is for education ...

June 05, 2014

IF ... If #GregAbbott is for education ...

Why does he hate paying for it?

After talking about nonsense like cost-benefit analysis to expand preschools, we're getting more proof that that's exactly his attitude.

He's now filed a motion asking for District Judge John Dietz, the judge overseeing the school finance reform lawsuit, to recuse himself.

Why? Our Dr. Strangelove attorney general says Dietz is biased.

Actually, what seems at much at stake beyond Strangelove being a skinflint is that Abbott is trying to stall, so that no final ruling, after appeals, will come until after the November election. He can then blame Rick Perry or whatever, and despite gubernatorial challenger Wendy Davis' call to stop defending the state in the case, keep defending while denying responsibility.

Here's where we're at now:
Dietz has not issued any further response to the claim beyond declining to step aside. The matter will be decided by San Antonio Judge David Peeples, who told The Texas Tribune he will likely schedule a hearing for two weeks from now.

Assuming Abbott loses (the Trib didn't cite any content from any emails AG Strangelove claims show bias), look for him to appeal that.
Abbott ... argues that the correspondence suggests "the judge is coaching the plaintiffs’ counsel in order to improve their case." The emails have not been made public.
Sure he does, sure Dietz does.

Meanwhile, there's no explicit Abbott fingerprints, but it's "interesting" that just a week after ruling that the purchase information about the state's death penalty drugs was off-limits to Public Information Act queries, that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is now tightening media access to executions.

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