June 12, 2014

#BigThree in Miami to become a foursome? Why?

Well, that's the latest talk, as noted by ESPN and others. LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade would all exercise their contract opt-out rights, come back for less, and then Miami would sign Knicks free agent Carmelo Anthony to a max contract.

Color me skeptical.

First, the money ...

Yes, LeBron might come back for less on an opt-out, with all his other deals. Bosh, possibly. He seems to be that type of guy.

Wade? I doubt it.

Even then, doesn't this mean it's the likely end of the line for two of the following three: Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Udonis Haslem?

Haslem's been invisible, so no big deal at all there. Rashard, iffy. But, unless Allen wants to retire, that's a big move, if he has to be ditched to find money for Carmelo. ESPN notes that backup PG Norris Cole is technically the only Heat player under contract for next year, and that the Birdman, Chris Anderson, would have to eat money on his player option for this to happen. Maybe Mario Chalmers isn't resigned?

Or, given that Wade is almost three years older than James, and he knows his physical limitations, and he wonders if Pat Riley might lowball him, he opts in for next year on his current contract.

In short, this won't be as easy as Heat fans think.

Second, the new team chemistry.

Carmelo's not used to being the No. 2. True that Wade wasn't, either, but this might be a tougher adjustment.

Third, the new team.

First of all, I'm thinking that Carmelo isn't going to help ball movement, at least not without a makeover.

Yeah, James says he'd like to be playing less, and we know about Wade's knees.

But, is Carmelo Anthony the best way to do this? I don't think so. It also leaves you less contract flexibility than before. Look at the 2004 Lakers for a good example. (Or look ahead to the 2015 Lakers!)

Second? Melo's never been known for his defensive skill, or his defensive savvy, or his defensive determination and effort. Do you see that one changing?

And, if Haslem, with his limited playing time, is gone, and we know Shane Battier is retiring, that leaves this team without any "defensive stopper," or "grunge player," coming off the bench.

Finally, who benefits from such talk? Why, Carmelo and his agent, that's who.

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