August 22, 2013

Hey, Abbott: It's Obama's turn to sue YOU

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who has said he perceives his job as attorney general thusly:
During his tenure as Texas attorney general, Greg Abbott has developed a bit of a routine: "I go into the office," he told a GOP audience in San Angelo in Februrary, "I sue Barack Obama, and then I go home." It's a line he uses in virtually every speech he gives and it has the benefit of being basically true.
Is now on the other end of the stick.

President Barack Obama's Department of Justice and AG Eric Holder is suing the state over its voter ID law.

But not just that. DOJ's also intervening in the redistricting lawsuit.

As I've said before, Abbott, now running for governor, is arguably the state's chief elected money-waster. That said, he headlines a pack of conservatives in the Lege who pass bills that lead to lawsuits like this.

And now, Tricky Ricky Perry speaks of "the will of the people." I guess he forgot the words "rich" and "white" in there.

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