April 17, 2013

#Stlcards fans: Taveras for Profar?

Grantland's Jonah Keri writes a very intriguing column about the possibility of a mutually beneficial trade between the Cards and Texas Rangers, namely, Oscar Taveras for for Jurickson Profar.

I mean, even if you say that the Cards won't resign Carlos Beltran next year, they're still loaded. And, if Matt Adams keeps it up, Allen Craig is moving from 1B back to the outfield.

Keri mentions that Jon Jay could be the Cards' trade offering, instead of Taveras, if they're that wedded to him. (Craig, because of his recent contract extension, wouldn't be a likely trade move.)

And, no, even if Profar is a prospect, I'd really prefer him that relying on the long-term prospects of Pete Kozma. That's pegging Rafael Furcal as a diminished asset after his return from Tommy John surgery.

Now, that said, Keri notes this is only a fantasy trade so far. And that such prospect-for-prospect trades are very rare.

Profar isn't likely to get a call-up of significance this year. But, if Beltran hits another round of nagging injuries, Taveras could. We can then see what he can do in the Stew. And, by that time, have more info on how real, or not, Kozma is.

Me? Right now, based on positional scarcity at shortstop, I'd make this trade in a heartbeat if I'm John Mozeliak.

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