October 18, 2012

Obama-Romney October surprise ahead?

Per Gawker, yes, and it supposedly involves either Goody Two-Shoes, aka Tweedledee, aka Mitt Romney, or Dear Leader, aka Preznit Kumbaya, aka Barack Obama.

The actual website has little information beyond claiming one of the candidates “isn’t being honest.”

That said, we’ve got four days left, as of today, allegedly.

That also said, as of 4:30 p.m., the site had gotten wonky in some way. Don’t know if it’s been hacked by somebody or not.

But, back to claim of what this surprise will be about.

Hell, Obama and Romney are breathing dishonesty out with every move of their diaphragms, so this could cover about anything.

That said, here’s my guess as to what is it:
Mitt announces he's gay, has converted to Fundamental-LDS, new version, and is moving back to Massachusetts to have multiple husbands?
C’mon now, you’d love to read about that.

Update, Oct. 19: You, I, and even Gawker have all been rickrolled. Yes, per the website, it could be called "predictable." But, it could also be called "lame." If you're going to do this hyped of a rickroll, I'd at least expect some commercial spam. Or some actual lame-o humor. Not a double lame-o video clip and nothing else. If you, after reading this, also think it was effing stupid, then Tweet @OctSurprise. Bombard the hell out of them.

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