October 15, 2012

Me no like #NakedCapitalism quite so much

I’ve commented a number of times on blog posts there, Yves.

But don’t think I will anymore.

I put one up Monday afternoon, with a link to a blog post of mine, and saw that it was under moderation. Fair enough, even if I have posted there before.

But, taking 4 hours (It had been right at 3 the last time I checked and it hadn’t been approved) seems a bit much for a professional level blog with multiple bloggers that are a regular part of the team.

Then, I now see that the approved version of my post was one with the URL stripped out.

So, although I’m not a professional-level blogger …

Naked Capitalism is coming off my small, personal blogroll.

And I deleted a couple of others at the same time.

High Heat Stats was originally a great baseball blog when it was at Baseball-Reference. But after Sports-Reference ended blogs and it started out on its own, it got to be SEO-type obsessive, even Tweeting MLB player accounts for hits. Worse yet, then, Andy and other founders sold it to Gannett/USA Today.

And Center for Inquiry is getting too Gnu Atheist.

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