October 25, 2012

Gallup, public, have good news for Dear Leader

I don’t know how much of a bounce he is going to get from this, or how much of a firewall it already is, but a new Gallup poll reports that for the first time in five years, more people feel better off than worse off, financially. It’s a slight edge, and no more, but, it’s not much less than Bush had in 2004.

And, that includes 34 percent of those independents that are so crucial in the so-called swing states. Obama’s still slightly negative there, with 40 percent of them feeling worse off … but that’s not too bad, he has to figure.

Add in that it’s likely that by election day, if not already, Obama will have presided over a net jobs gains as president, and may be getting help from that, and it all looks good for his re-election.

Especially if you add in the fact, as Nate Silver reports, that he’s apparently fully stopped the bleeding from the Denver debate and Romney has no more momentum.

But, this is about more than just the US presidential election.

Such feeling isn't just for the present term:
Although Americans' evaluations of their current finances, overall, are fairly tepid, 66% are optimistic when asked whether they expect their financial situations to be better or worse a year from now. This includes 80% of Democrats, but also 62% of independents, and 57% of Republicans.
Herbert Hoovers and Barack Obamas aside, "confidence" is part of the issue for a modern economy, especially a capitalistic one. And, it’s “funny” that only 16 percent of Republicans admit feeling better now

This may not give Obama too much of a bounce now, BUT ....

If Preznit Kumbaya will become Preznit Cojones in his second term, this will help him with the GOP.

Also, if this means a bit fewer people on unemployment AND more tax dinero coming into the Treasury, it helps him that way.

It might, just might (but likely not, this is ingrained) lead him to be Preznit Cojones vis a vis his own Catfood Commission.

By a 56-33 margin — higher than for the second debate — people think Obama won the third debate. That includes a 56-27 split among those coveted independents.

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