September 03, 2012

Harvard cheating should surprise nobody

The recent announcement of cheating on tests in a Harvard government class (don’t call it a “scandal,” because Harvard isn’t) should surprise nobody.

First, there’s the nature of the actual cheating.

Take-home exams, based on the honor system at an Ivy League school that’s the core of the exclusivocracy (TM) that somewhat drives the 1 percenters, and even more the 1/10 percenters — gotta "love" it.

Related to that, it’s “open book” and “open internet” but you’re not supposed to talk with fellow students. What if, instead of talking in person, I text them or instant message them? Or create a online bulletin board? Some Harvard kid, or a helicopter mom, more likely, is hiring a lawyer to look for loopholes.

Second, related to that, is students blaming their professor. Learned, no doubt, from helicopter moms that did the same for them in K-12.

Third, this is Harvard. Famous alumni in politics and business who have “shaded the truth” include:
Lloyd Blankfein
Paul Bremer
George W. Bush
Jamie Dimon
Doug Feith
Alger Hiss
John F. Kennedy
Rober McNamara
Hank Paulson
Franklin Raines
Mitt Romney
Jeff Skilling
Larry Summers

A good mix of conservatives, neocons and neolibs. Not a single true liberal among the “shaders.” (And, don't tell me JFK was a true liberal, either domestically or abroad. And don't tempt me to add Obama.)

Most of the alleged cheaters were probably looking at Harvard Law or the Kennedy School of Government next. 

Update, Sept. 4: And now, the blame game starts

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