May 31, 2012

I don't like #JohnEdwards but ...

I'm glad that his trial turned out as well as it did, short of a full, across the board "not guilty."

And, let's hope to doorknob that Dear Leader's Department of Justice doesn't retry the mistrial charges. Doesn't Obama have better things for DOJ to do? You know, like investigate JPMorgan? I'm sorry, Obama has half a million financially sound reasons not to hunt down BFF Jamie Dimon.

Beyond that, this and other recent public integrity unit cases are getting bogged down in sexual issues. And. it shouldn't. Edwards paid Rielle Hunter not to do anything illegal; if a particular campaign financer put up the money for that, that's his biz. As for Big Bill Richardson, ditto from what I can tell of developments so far. If an alleged harassee has filed an actual civil claim, and Richardson THEN spent money related to that, for silence or something, different story, of course.

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