March 12, 2012

Bad move, Bud Selig

Contra people like Yahoo's Steve Henson, everything about MLB Commissioner Bud Selig's expansion of the playoffs just seems wrong. The extra team, alone, seems to make baseball more and more "just another sport." The one-game play-in between teams 4 and 5, after the 162-game season, amkes it too arbitrary. (When previous play-ins have been done, I've always liked the NL doing a 2-of-3, vs. the AL single game system.)

I say, let's go back to two divisions per league and let both wildcards come from the same division. If you want to have four playoff teams, rather than even fewer, that's the best way. It also addresses "unbalanced schedule" issues. Or, do the Bob Costas idea, with three divisions, no wild card, and a first-round bye for the best division winner.

Here's somebody who totally agrees, and is scathing about Selig. Sheehan is right about baseball becoming more and more "just another sport."

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