November 25, 2011

A Facebook smartphone? Just shoot me

A week ago, blogging about Amazon's latest battle-upping in the "infowars," I said two things, among many.
1. Rumor had it that Amazon was bringing out a smartphone next year, and I found that really off-puting.
2. That I didn't think Facebook was at major-league level in the "infowars" battles.

Well, it's time to rethink both.

An Amazon smartphone sounds creepy enough; one by Marky Mark Zuckerberg? What's a secular word for "satanic"? Especially while his privacy invasion settlement with the FTC drags on. That said, I'm sure many people would buy this dreck.

Just.Shoot.Me. if Bezos and Marky Mark have the top two smartphones in five years. Anything that would actually make me nostalgically long for Steve Jobs would be the apocalypse.

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