November 26, 2011

As if the GOP doesn't have enough clowns for Prez

Guess whose nutbar fans are trying to get her to make a very belated run? Well, having The Quitter with a Twitter™ in the race would get Tina Fey a few Saturday Night Live gigs, would make Rick Perry look semi-smart, and would further confound the GOP race.

I hope against hope that she's dumb enough to listen to the siren song and enters, so she can thoroughly crash and burn.

But, underneath that exterior layer of stupidity, there's ... a layer of ignorance. But, underneath that layer of ignorance, there's a closer layer ... of arrogance and entitlement. But, underneath THAT ... there's something else. It's not intelligence, nor is it even the stereotypical cunning of a fox, which she isn't in any way, puns intended. Rather, it's the small-brained survival-skills shrewdness of a possum that's at the core of Sarah Palin's brain. And, in this case, it will probably be enough to keep her from running. If it doesn't, her unbridled greed will.

But, as I noted six weeks ago, never say never when "Sarah Palin" and "spectacle" (or "three-ring circus") are in the same sentence.

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