October 11, 2011

Silence ain't bliss for Rick Perry either

Per a Wall Street Journal live blog of the latest GOP debate, it sounds like Tricky Ricky:

1. Was ignored by Romney as much as possible;
2. Whiffed on even a couple of softball questions.

On No. 2, I mean, calling Romney a perennial candidate when you've been Texas gov since 1999? You're lucky Mitt was choosing to ignore you so as not to give you air time.

I'll offer 50-50 odds he gets to full Phil Gramm meltdown by New Hampshire primary times.

Who does that leave against the Mittster? The Pizza Man, Mr. Token? He's no more serious a candidate than Bachmann. Huntsman? Still not a chance. Paul? Besides still being a wingnut of wingnuts under his suaver exterior, the pro-war wing of the GOP hates him.

Everybody else is even more of a bottom feeder.

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