August 07, 2011

Take THAT #TigerWoods

Another blech round at Firestone for TW, even as Adam Scott, Steve Williams looping for him, runs away with a final-round 65.

Add in that Stevie, not just Adam, gets interviewed by David Feherty, and it gets better.

Then, top it off with Williams calling it "the greatest day of my life," and we've got fun.

ESPN has more, on the crowd chanting Williams' name and more.

I will agree that Williams could have made the win less about him and more about Scott. Nonetheless, CBS stuck the mike in his face, surely expecting "something." When's the last time you've seen a caddy get an interview, after all?

Meanwhile, in the past, when Wooods has cut somebody out of his entourage, with the possible exception of Fluff Cowan, there's been no chance for payback. Now there is, and I suspect Williams is nowhere near done. Maybe he can borrow the "Tiger Who" hat from Vijay's old caddy?

Speaking of "done," why didn't Tiger just hang it up for the season, rather than try to ramp up his year-end season?

Three things, interrelated, I suspect, with the last the biggest.

One: Missing the limelight.

Two: Not wanting to slip too much further in the rankings.

Three: Money.

We don't know for sure how much he settled on Elin, but it wasn't nothing. There's been rumors about just how much he owes in property taxes on his McMcMansion. And, sponsors continue to drop him as a pitchman.

So, weirdly, yes, but like an NBA or NFL star more stereotypically running out of money, Tiger may be, if not strapped, at least tight.

That said, he still has to make the cut at the PGA this weekend ahead. If he doesn't, he doesn't qualify for the FedEx cut, he makes no money for the rest of the year beyond the silly season, he falls further in the world golf rankings, and gets smaller in the limelight.

As for "where he's at" on the course, it's clear he's still struggling with the putter. No, it's not yips, but how long before this is a long-term problem?

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