April 30, 2010

More proof Tricky Ricky Perry has eye on DC 2012

Gov. Helmethair says, despite folks in the Lege who like the idea, like would-be bill introducer Debbie Riddle, that Arizona's new immigration law "would not be the right direction for Texas."

We didn't hear a peep from Tricky Ricky 24 hours ago, when Debbie Does Dumb first spoke up. But, now, after possibly sticking a finger in the wind (perhaps after pulling it out of his ass first), Tricky Ricky decides that he needs to oppose this bill.

Oh, as for the claims that Perry hasn't been as tough on immigration as Arizona? Maybe not, but he's been a lot dumber. Who can forget his lame-o DIY at-home border monitors via computer? That netted what, about three illegal aliens?

That said, the Trickster is lucky he doesn't have a Tea Partier opponent, or that the Arizona bill didn't come down the pike 2 months ago, with Debra Medina in the GOP primary. He'd have done enough fence-straddling then to risk self-castration.

Speaking of Medina, Lege "birther" Leo Berman (shouldn't Jews especially be wary of "papers" and related issues?) claims he tightened up support for the Trickster during the primary by steering folks away from Medina in exchange for a tougher line on immigration, and now he's pissed. Burnt Orange Report has the details.

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