SocraticGadfly: Obama promises 1-year ‘wonder surge’ in A-stan

December 01, 2009

Obama promises 1-year ‘wonder surge’ in A-stan

I have the deed to the Brooklyn Bridge if you believe this bullshit. Technically, the surge would be 18 months from when it starts, a year and a half, but do you really believe that? The surge in Iraq, which involved fewer troops – much fewer relative to the number of soldiers already there – lasted longer. Realistically, though, with the surge peaking in May 2010 and allegedly starting to wind down in July 2011, it wouldn’t be much more than a year.

That said, at least Obama is smart enough to bypass Afghan president Hamid Karzai and and send most additional U.S. aid directly to local-level leaders.

(Oh, and NYT, does it take seven reporters for a 700-word story?)

Meanwhile, reading between some lines written by Bob Herbert, can one argue that he thinks Obama, like multiple presidential predecessors, is being, or will be, less than fully honest about the war now his?

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