SocraticGadfly: Ted Rall rightly says its time for Obama to resign

May 30, 2009

Ted Rall rightly says its time for Obama to resign

The One’s re-establishment of military commissions is the last straw for Rall, my favorite left-liberal blogger. And, seen as a rhetorical device, Rall’s closing “Obama should resign” is absolutely true.

Of course, when a fairly big conservative blogger shows he knows so little about Rall to claim Rall is a Democrat (he isn’t, of that I’m pretty sure, based on e-mail exchanges going back more than a year), that Rall will have a David Horowitz moment (not to move to the Right, he won’t; he already moved the other direction, leaving the Wall Street investment banking world where he worked before becoming a cartoonist and columnist), and then snidely claims this means Obama has lost un-America shows the problems with both the conservative bloviosphere and the MSLB world that won’t follow Rall.

Of course, “The Other McCain” readers include a person who doesn’t recognize Rall’s call as a rhetorical device, because I know Ted Rall shudders at the idea of President Joe Biden.

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