May 14, 2009

Jeff Jarvis sucks

Since Amazon won't let me type that as a book review title, I'll do it here, taking a page from his "Dell sucks" blog post that he mentions in his new book, "What Would Google Do"?

Here's the deal with the book, a one-star turkey.

This books is basically nothing but uncritical Google-olotry, as shown by the errors Jarvis makes in just his seven introduction pages.

1. Google's alleged customer service? Google's Blogger blogs get no more customer service than Microslob offers on Outlook/Outlook Express.

2. Related to that, through things such as Chrome, Google Docs, cloud computing, Google IS the new Microslob in many ways. Jarvis completely ignores that.

3. Related to THAT, Jarvis laughably claims that Google AdSense lets you be "part of Google." Jeez, just how much has Google brainwashed him? Instead, Google's ever more closely monitoring his Google searches, etc., and targeting ads to that end. (Do a fake Google search at least once a week to screw Google up, is my suggestion.)

4. Jarvis ignores the multiplicity of Google business flops of the past, which are well-documented elsewhere.

Beyond that, Jarvis is a name-dropper, etc. Read other one- and two-star reviewers for more.

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