SocraticGadfly: Oh, you meant Bruce Ivins, not Molly

August 19, 2008

Oh, you meant Bruce Ivins, not Molly

I’m beginning to wonder if, after the anthrax case fell apart against Steven Hatfill, President Bush didn’t personally direct the FBI effort against Dr. Bruce Ivins.

Think about it. First, it’s been more than 18 months since Miss Molly died; Shrub must have been pining all this time for his nemesis and so, got confused.

Social worker Jean Duley, who claimed Ivins was nuts based on cursory evidence and who has her own problems, would then be the Ann Coulter of this affair, urging Bush on to run the dastardly Ivins to ground.

As for the skepticism of Congress about Ivins’ motive or lack thereof, that would prove this was a librul conspiracy with the dastardly Ivins.

As for trying to find a motive, maybe Bush riffed on the 1993 non-assassination non-attempt and concluded the whole terror-by-anthrax was a plot against him personally by the evil Molly Bruce Ivins.

Beyond personal motive, Bush surely sees this as his last chance to vindicate his “legacy” in the Global War on Terror, or the Global War on Intelligence, take your pick.

See, this IS all explicable.

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