SocraticGadfly: Oh my darling Clemens-tine: The needle and the buttocks done

February 15, 2008

Oh my darling Clemens-tine: The needle and the buttocks done

Andy Pettitte has confirmed everything Brian McNamee said about Roger Clemens getting ’roided up.

Clemens, along with Rusty Hardin and other Clemens legal mouthpieces, have not actually called long-time Clemens friend Pettitte a liar just like McNamee, just questioned his memory.

Meanwhile, Jason Whitlock has a great smackdown column for the Rocket.

Best of all, for the people still trying to defend Clemens, Whitlock and Fox staff do the same thing that people riding Barry Bonds’ ass did a couple of years ago: juxtaposed “before and after” pix. No, Clemens doesn’t look like he has swelling head growth plates (even if he does have a swelled head), but, he bulked up. The photos are clear. And, bulked up… not fattened up.

It would explain those end-of-career hamstring problems, too. Maybe that’s part of why the Rocket retired. He realized he couldn’t avoid blowing out his hammies.

Basically, the one difference between Bonds and Clemens is that Bonds is sullen and Clemens is smarmy.

Per Bill Simmons: “And you wonder why the late Boston Globe columnist Will McDonough derisively called Clemens "The Texas Con Man," attacked his character at every turn and wrote roughly a million times that Clemens only cared about himself and nobody else.”

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