SocraticGadfly: McCain the diplomatic simpleton

November 17, 2007

McCain the diplomatic simpleton

The Schmuck Talk Express™ says he won’t talk to the Irans and North Koreas of the world unless the talks would guarantee a U.S. win in whatever was under discussion.

Idiot. The whole give-and-take of diplomacy on controversial issues is that, unless your diplomacy is W’s diplomacy of the gun barrel, there is no 100 percent winning and 100 percent losing. And, his claiming that Kissinger always conducted his diplomacy this way is ludicrous. We all know just how much of what he wanted Kissinger got from Le Duc Tho.

I know that McCain is voicing aloud what passes for foreign policy of most Republican contenders for the presidential nomination. He’s theoretically smarter than the ilk of Rudy (I’m not really a dictator, I just play one in New York) Giuliani and Mitt (I have as many positions as Brigham Young had Mormon wives) Romney, which makes his willful knuckle-dragging stance all the worse.

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