SocraticGadfly: This inactive of a Sierra Club group ain’t good

March 15, 2007

This inactive of a Sierra Club group ain’t good

I thought that one way of meeting some like-minded people in the general area of “Far South Metroplex” would be to get involved with the regional Sierra Club group.

So, I Googled “College Station” + “Sierra Club. Got the Brazos Valley Group’s website as one of the top Google hits.

All well and good, so far.

Info about the next meeting at the top of the webpage. Also well and good.

The next listed meeting? March 1, 2000!

THAT ain’t good at all. Turns out it apparently was folded into the Houston chapter. BUT, because College Station has a few things going for it, my hopes were that this would be one of them and I wouldn’t have to go into Hell-town too often.

Besides, unlike in Dallas, the Houston group apparently doesn't have singles' gatherings.

Heck, there’s a Central Texas chapter centered on Waco, an area no more liberal and no more heavily populated.

I also saw something on City-Data’s webpage about College Station. (City-Data is a great resource, by the way.)

It has links with various community bulletin board comments for registered users. One is about dating. Among comments was this:
If your looking for someone open minded or a little unique, you MIGHT find them at a&m, but it would be hard. i managed to live there 4 years without meeting a single person i would have liked to date.

Lowered expectations … while trying to continue to water hope.

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