SocraticGadfly: The decertification of Richard Gonzales

December 04, 2006

The decertification of Richard Gonzales

I just got the information from the Colorado State Board of Education. I have not had a chance to ask Lewis about it yet.

He was found to have on two separate occasions about nine months apart to have inappropriately disciplined students while a Denver principal.

Now, the degree of severity of the inappropriate discipline was not horrendous. But it was enough for him to lose his certification.


kbrian said...

If I am correct this Richard Gonzales is a former teacher of mine during his time at AISD...I would like to know an update on this story of yours...for curiosities sake. thanks

Gadfly said...

Shortly after I posted this, he was removed from his position as director of special education w/Lancaster ISD. (Larry) Lewis, then Lancaster superintendent, knew him from Austin years when Lewis was a regional superintendent. So, I'm sure it's the same Gonzales.

Lewis was finally, for other reasons, but that kind of relate to this in a sense, bought out of his contract in 2009. I think Gonzales has left the district by now, if not earlier.