SocraticGadfly: Welcome, Skeptics!

April 09, 2005

Welcome, Skeptics!

Glad to see you participating in the sixth Skeptics Circle.

The basics about me, conflating the blurb at the top and the "about" link at the upper right.

I am the editor of a suburban Dallas weekly newspaper. I'm pretty strongly progressive on most political issues, such as being against the invasion of Iraq from the time it was first publicly bandied about in mid-2002.

More germane to the Skeptics' Circle, I am a secularlist naturalist -- titles descriptive of my approach to understanding the world, and not a snapshot of what I do not believe in -- who has a graduate divinity degree and can therefore do verbal judo on the IDers, or people of strong, unwarranted faith in general.

Contact me here with your submissions. A URL for the actual blog post, a title, and a 2-3 sentence précis would be appreciated.

I hope you take the time to look around while you're here.


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