SocraticGadfly: Glenn Greenwald, David Miranda: Brazilian 1 percenters or 0.1

May 05, 2021

Glenn Greenwald, David Miranda: Brazilian 1 percenters or 0.1

About a month ago, I blogged about Glenn Greenwald and David Miranda possibly lying about their cause for a recent robbery of their house. As I wrote more, I uncovered more about just how well off they are in their palatial home (profiled there in 2014, and complete with security guard, per this link) in exurban Rio.

He was making 500 large or more per year with The Intercept and surely even more at Substack. Yes, surely even much more, now that Substack's payola has come to light.

In fact, that's chump change from Glennwald's FORMER job. Substack is paying him much, much more, as in $1-2 million per year. And, that doesn't count speaking fees and such like that.

And, as of 2018 Brazilian congresscritters like Miranda got about $16,500 per month — and in a weirdness of corruption, they and other public servants had a 15-month pay year. And, a shitload of perks. More on that shitload of perks here. Yes. So, Miranda makes another $250K in a country with rampant poverty (Brazil's minimum wage, and that's presuming there's just 12 months in the year for the peons, is just over $200 per month and even with purchasing power parity, that's about one-quarter of the US) that you try to avoid by living on rural mountaintop acreage with private security. 

So, by purchasing power parity, Glennwald's $1-2 American is about $4-8 million at Ipanema. Miranda's Congresscritter salary is $1 million US, plus all the perks. If Glennwald really wants to fight corruption, the fight starts at home.

And, I'm not joking in the header. On Brazilian purchasing power parity with all that money, that puts Greenwald and Miranda in the equivalent of the US 0.1 percent, not just 1 percent. The 0.1 percent, as of a year ago, started as a little more than $7 million.
As for Miranda? He may indeed be in a socialist party, but, he's married to you and cosigns your bullshit until he speaks out. And, he may be getting comfortable with the high lifestyle by now anyway.

Remember, he'd probably be nothing without getting lucky on bumping into Glennwald, then letting Glenn play Professor Henry Higgins to his Eliza Doolittle. On his own current dime, Miranda's a Brazilian 1 percenter.

And, let's not forget that this is a man who still lies about his supporting the Iraq War when it was started.

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