SocraticGadfly: Kool-Aid and weathervanes from Fernando Mercado

February 03, 2021

Kool-Aid and weathervanes from Fernando Mercado

Mercado is one of the contributors at Independent Political Report, where I was just added to the roll a month ago.

The Kool-Aid part? That's the beverage of trans activists he's peddling on the Green Party's Lavender Caucus et al vs the Georgia Green Party.

I offered up a few general thoughts on the leaving of the Rhode Island GP, the de-accreditation of the Georgia GP and the possible deliberate dominoes toward the Georgia GP in my first post at Independent Political Report, which has since had a follow-up, with comments by Fernando showing he's willing to drink trans activist Kool-Aid.

Among these things is his claim in a comment that the only people conflating sex and gender are the alleged "transphobes." Technically, he may be right; trans activists are really more shell gamers, sleight of handers, or gaslighters.

That's not to say I agree with everything said by every defender of the Georgia Green Party. Far from it. That's also despite Fernando's mischaracterizations that I do agree with everything, and that Hugh Esco represents every point of view of every defender of the GAGP. 

And, "shock me," but Fernando is now becoming disenchanted with the Movement for a People's Party because of Jimmy Dore, and before that, over Force the Vote. Given how much he was trying to peddle the MPP Kool-Aid just a few weeks ago, this one is actually laughable.

As I told him, knowing that Dore is a Seth Rich conspiracy theorist and that Jesse Ventura is an antivaxxer and other types of conspiracy theorist is why I never because enchanted in the first place. (In a comment in reply to mine, he admitted that he had rose-colored glasses for Dore previously, but said he had already seen through Jesse.)

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