December 29, 2016

So California wants to secede ...

It's for different reasons than Republic of Texas nutbars, as the homepage of "Yes California" makes clear.

That said, it's almost as dumb as RoT.

My take on the bullet points:
  1. They might attack an independent California. Besides, you should still fear domestic white rights folks more than al-Qaeda et al.
  2. What if we killed the Electoral College?
  3. So, you seem to want free trade yet oppose the TPP at the same time? Hmmmm …
  4. No, Prop. 13 is the primary reason for your debt problems. Clean your own house.
  5. You might be surprised at how many “liberals” want tighter immigration.
  6. True dat.
  7. Talk to those in-state water wasters down in the Southland while you're at it. Oh, and don't forget that the Southland might not want to be a part of the rest of the state, if we go down that road. Oh, and speaking of? You'll lose all that Colorado River water with independence.
  8. You think neoliberal Jerry Brown favors single-payer national health care, or a Cal version? I got beachfront property in Fresno to sell you.
  9. Education? Primarily a state problem See Prop. 13, above.

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