April 11, 2016

Zionism, Clintonism, the New York Daily News and disgust

While the New York Daily News Sanders endorsement interview may have been a bit of hit job from the start, or not, on financial matters, per a follow-up editorial about the interview, it was a ridiculous, over-the-top hit job on him on Middle Eastern foreign policy.

The paper shows some clear and deep Zionist tilt in this editorial comment claiming that Sanders would totally reset the Middle East piece process. On that, the whole thing is a tissue of lies.

Bernie's actually done nothing more than call for a bit more fairness in the whole peace process.

Given that, during the whole Obama administration, and especially during the time Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, Dear Leader used foreign aid purse strings to gut the Palestinian Authority like a $2 carp, and then to smack it down on that after it sought to slightly self-radicalize and then to smack it further down after it sought other redress, Bernie's calls for a little more fairness are actually weak tea.

And, the Daily News likely remembers this, and buried it.

So, first, I call on the Daily News to repudiate the Zionism in that editorial comment. (I know that will never happen.)

Second, I call on Hillary Clinton to repudiate that. (I know that will never happen.)

Third, per the new Boycott, Divest and Sanctions, I call on New York City Democrats of conscience to cancel subscriptions, and if in a position to do so, stop placing ads with the Daily News.

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