January 31, 2016

Three dumb Republicans for the #IowaCaucus

Well, actually, there are many more than three, but there are three particular ones that I have in mind.

Per a poll at top left of this blog, and the screen shot embedded here after it comes down, those three are Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Carly Fiorina.

The two men are especially shameless, joining Trump last week when he was too chickenshit to show up at the final pre-Iowa GOP debate. As one commentator put it, it looked like an ancient Roman triumph, with both of them being vanquished foreign generals being paraded around by Trump. Sounds about right.

But, it was more than just shameless on their parts. There was a clear whiff of cowardice, too.

The press has been pushing Trump more and more on his sometime ardent pro-choice background, and he's been more and more bluntly dodging and non-answering. Given that, outside of Ted Cruz, the Huckster and the sound of Santorum have been the two GOPsters most explicitly focused on religious right voters, they demonstrated their cravenness in spades when they not only showed up at Trump's event, but refused to push him on the issue.

Fiorina? Maybe she's smoking Hillary Clinton's "It's her turn" crack or something. That's the only reason I can figure she's still around.

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