January 25, 2016

How's that hopey changey stuff, Sarah and Donald?

Does Sarah Palin endorsing The Real Donald really help him, or hurt Ted Cruz, that much?

Some of the punditocracy, like Matthew Dowd, thinks this is a boost:
Does it really hurt Cruz badly?

I don't think it does. And neither do a lot of other Twitter respondents.

Ted Cruz's camp thinks it hurts Palin worse, hurting her standing with the Religious Right per Trump's past stance on some social issues as noted above.

Matthew Dowd seems about as clueless on the Religious Right as does Donald Trump. And so does Phyllis Schlafly, with her endorsement of him, which led to me joking that the 91-year-old, if not clueless, must be senile.

First, when is the last time you heard Sarah Palin's name get regular news mention before this?




If she really meant anything in that world, you'd have heard her name mentioned.

Instead, Faux News sidelined her long ago (it was more than 7 months ago, and that's "long ago" in her me-first media world), and she's barely within yelling distance of the likes of a Mike Huckabee on Religious Right media candlepower, and that's not saying much.

But, like Matthew Dowd, Donald Trump probably thought she had a "name," thinking so wrongly. And, she, probably knowing that Trump was looking for a boost with the Religious Right, and knowing that she herself was looking for a boost period, started dropping hints with Trump.

And he was clueless enough to sign on.

And, that's that.

They deserve each other, any way, since Trump IS Palin 2.0.

And, Saturday Night Live nailed that this week.

Reality is, this endorsement means little.

As for hurting Ted Cruz? Tosh, Matthew.

Any fallout he has from undisclosed 2012 campaign loans will hurt more.

Back to the Whore of Wasilla, though.

Maybe she's angling to leave the former First Dude of Alaska, after all their rumored sexual dalliances away from home. And, if so, does Glen Rice become part of the campaign team, with her alleged fun with him, including a few white lines? Does Bristol Palin get to play a surrogate Chelsea Clinton wannabe?

That said, how a person who probably had an affair to produce her last child (hence insisting she give birth, not just back in Alaska, but in Hooterville, aka Whazzup, aka Wasilla), and who had a dalliance with NBA star Rice long before that, and whose daughter Bristol has claimed to be a spokeswoman for sexual purity after getting knocked up without benefit, and whose son Track (Marks?) Palin has now been arrested for family violence, after knocking his girlfriend up outside wedlock, ever got to be a spokeswoman or icon for the Religious Right anyway?

The reality is that this is a marginalized Sarah Palin, knowing she can never be elected to any political office greater than Dogcatcher of Wasilla, sidelined even by Faux News, unhappy with the still-wedlocked First Dude, desperately greedy for the limelight. Nothing more. (It's this that probably has discombobulated Track's life more than Iraq service, but the Mama Bear would never, ever, even come close to blaming herself for anything.)

Funny that some Palin fans are bemoaning her as a sellout, while the reality is that she was never a sell-in, other than in myth, in the first place.

Of course, she could care less about such boo-hooing — unless they stop buying her swag or otherwise hitting her wallet, or stop falling her on Facebook or otherwise cutting into her oxygen.

Speaking of, for the Religious Right, this photo speaks volumes.

I otherwise can't put it better than 538: Trump IS Palin 2.0, though that piece forgot to mention the biggest comp factor: both suck ALL the oxygen out of a room.

And, given that, contra Havana Ted, it may hurt Trump more than it hurts Palin OR Cruz (for not getting it). She'll do everything she can, for as long as she can, to turn the limelight from The Donald to her.

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