September 24, 2015

Good-bye, Scott Walker; hello, Koch Brothers?

Shock me. Shock me so much that I didn't have him listed in the top 5 most likely to withdraw, in my poll at right.

I heard the news on NPR, while on my current vacation, about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker withdrawing from the GOP race.

And, yes, I am actually surprised.

I thought that he would use his neighboring-state candidacy to continue to try to boost himself in Iowa. But, no soap.

That said, on the GOP side, Iowa's caucuses lean heavy to the Religious Right, as Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee have shown in the past. Walker has no such connection.

The Wisconsin miracle, economically? It's about as real as Donald Trump's non-bankruptcy business success.

And, Trump had hogged the oxygen from the big biz side of the GOP, along with his strange appeal to some tea party types. And, Jeb Bush, while not "charismatic" compared to Trump, was still ahead of Walker. And, ahead of him on donors, too.

Speaking of, it looks like the Koch Brothers' alleged anointing of Walker, long rumored, never actually happened. Was this a rumor with any legs, and they just were wanting to see more out of him? If they are going to anoint any GOP candidate, who, and when?

Meanwhile, and not to justify SCOTUS on either Citizens United or McCutcheon vs. FEC, but, this shows that money, or the hints of it, aren't everything. Tricky Ricky Perry is gone. Bush is struggling. (We'll see how much Walker interruptus helps him.)

The Donald, I do believe, will eventually blow over. More on that in a separate post.

So, who's next?

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