May 23, 2015

#TwinPeaksShooting apparently WAS a set-up ... by ..

A McLennan County sheriff’s deputy stands guard near a group
of bikers in the parking lot of Twin Peaks Restaurant just after
a deadly shootout between rival biker gangs Sunday.
The Bandidos. So says an anonymous member of the Cossacks in this long interview that certainly has the ring of truth to me.

Here's your nut grafs:
Since Sunday's killings, Waco police have offered few conclusions in their complex investigation. But they have said that the violence was touched off when an "uninvited" group, presumed to be the Cossacks, showed up at a meeting of a larger confederation of motorcycle clubs dominated by the Bandidos. 
In several interviews in recent days, the Cossack rider offered a different story. He said that the Cossacks were invited to the Twin Peaks patio that day — by a Bandido leader, who offered to make peace in a long-running feud between the two gangs. That invitation was a setup for an ambush, though, according to the Cossack. That's why the dead included six Cossacks, one Scimitar (an ally of the Cosacks) and only two Bandidos. 
The biker's story could not be independently verified; most of those involved in the shootout are still in jail. But significant parts of his account square with police statements, as well as security camera videos obtained by the Associated Press.

A couple of initial thoughts.

First, the Waco PD are generally trying not to put too much guesswork, vs. substantiated conclusions, out there. The "uninvited," if it's true that the Cossacks actually were invited, is probably the one semi-major item Sgt. Patrick Swanton's had wrong so far. 

Second, if this was an ambush, I'm not surprised. Are you? Given that the whole recent (for a year or two) dispute between the two has been over the Cossacks wanting to wear a Texas "rocker" on their jackets, and that nothing had been resolved about that before the May 17 shooting, it's surprising the Cossacks weren't more wary.

Next, the same biker totally puts "paid" to the idea this was a police set-up, turkey shoot or whatever:
So when a biker from the Bandidos, the oldest gang in Texas and one of the largest in the world, ran into a young Cossack in the Twin Peaks parking lot last Sunday, everyone knew what was coming. First words, then fists, then guns. Within seconds, Richie, Diesel and Dog were dead. 
"I took off," the Cossack rider said. "I got out of there. I didn't have a weapon. I couldn't fight anybody."
I can't blame him!

That said, the story, after describing the basics about the Bandidos, notes that law enforcement had been worried about the Cossacks potentially getting more violent or aggressive. 

Next, a question.

Did this "Marshall," identified as the Bandido who reportedly made the alleged olive branch call, sincerely mean that? If so, did other Bandidos override him as soon as they found out, or instead at the meeting on Sunday, just before the Cossacks showed up?

Or instead, was his phone call part of a set-up in the first place?

I somewhat lean that way, based on this, from the actual firefight:
Trouble started almost immediately, (the Cossack informant) said: One of the Bandidos, wearing a patch that identified him as a chapter president, ran his bike into a Cossack standing in the parking lot. The Cossack who was hit was a “prospect,” a man in his mid-20s who was “striving to become” a full member of the club. 
“They came up really fast, and the prospect turned and faced the bikes,” the Cossack chapter president said. “He fell backward into other [parked] bikes. The guy who hit him stopped and got off of his bike and said, ‘What are you doing? Get . . . out of my way. We’re trying to park.’ ”
It sounds like this Bandido was determined to cause trouble. Didn't he get the memo about Marshall's phone call? At a minimum, this is the first half of the first scenario: At least some Bandidos had decided before the meeting that no olive branch was being extended.

And, then, the fight was on:
Cossacks quickly jumped to the prospect’s defense, he said: “Guys were saying, ‘You’re disrespecting us,’ or, ‘We’re not backing down.’ ” 
In a blink, it started, he said: “Two punches: One from them, one from us.” 
A Bandido with a patch identifying him as sergeant-at-arms of the same chapter threw a punch at Richard Matthew Jordan II, 31, known as “Richie,” who was from Pasadena, Texas. Jordan punched the guy back. 
“At that point in time, the sergeant in arms shot Richie point-blank,” the Cossack said.
Police said Jordan died of a gunshot wound to the head.
Well, hardcore libertarians, bikers, anarchists, and other people making "false flag" claims? You've been officially refuted by a biker who was there.

The Cossack then notes the next two people killed, at least, were killed by Bandidos. And, he doubles down on the "setup" angle.

That said, his last comment is kind of "rich."
“I didn’t sign up for this,” he continued. “I signed up for a brotherhood that believes in family and taking care of their communities.”
Really? You know the Cossack-Bandido history. You know if the feds' warning about rising Cossack activity is true, or not. You know about the claims of Cossack affiliation with Hell's Angels.

Now, if by “family,” you mean that in a biker parallel to Cosa Nostra, Mafia “family,” I get it. If you mean mom-and-pop ... wrong!

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