December 08, 2014

Boo hoo for Baylor

Urban Meyer and Ohio State’s thrashing of
Wisconsin was the final piece to block the Big 12
from making the College Football Playoff, leaving
Art Briles (top right) and Gary Patterson (bottom
right) to coach their teams in other "New Year's Six"
bowl games. (AP and Waco Tribune Herald pix)
I can understand Baylor football coach Art Briles being bitter about not making the initial college football playoff, but he brewed up some fine whine in Waco, Texas over it. The local-level description of the winemaking is here.

Basically, he blamed everybody but himself and the Big 12 for that result.

Hey, Art? Grow a pair.

Better yet, get your conference and the commissioner who called you a co-champion (undercutting both you and TCU) to grow a pair of teams so you can have a conference title game.

Play a tougher nonconference schedule.

Note to Big 12: Don't ever change your storyline like you did this year. There's either one true champion (with the exception of a three-way tie in which head-to-head records are each 1-1) or there's not. If there's not, then get rid of the cheesy commercials.

And grow a pair. And grow two more teams.

So, boo hoo for the Big 12, too.

As for the Big 12 losing out on extra money?

Art Briles and the conference hotshots can blame Texas. Its greed with the Longhorn Network is why there's only 10 teams in the conference as we speak.

So, Art Briles? I suggest you drive down to Austin, find DeLoss Dodds and kick his ass.

Oh, and upgrade your 2015 nonconference schedule. Which, currently, sucks. As does 2016 and 2017. I mean, UT-San Antonio? Northwestern State? Liberty (as in Jerry Falwell U, I presume?)

Big 12 commish Bob Bowlsby has doubled down on teh stupidz by saying the conference won't add 12 teams just to have a championship game.

Why not?

Note to Big 12 ADs and presidents/chancellors: Not too soon to start looking for a new commish, is it? I mean, he was presiding just after the whole Longhorns Network fiasco; you've got a good excuse to make a move if he doesn't "get it" on the power of conference championships.

And, if you're an AD or president of a member school of another 4 of the "Power 5" conferences, you're going to tell the NCAA in no uncertain terms not to grant a conference title game waiver to a 10-team conference, aren't you?

On the other hand, conference title games as a fan draw seem to have lost their sheen.

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