August 07, 2014

PGA: #TigerWoods lags Mrs. Doubtfire by 4 and #RyderCup by more; what about Rory?

OK, so Tiger Woods is technically healthy for the PGA Championship in Louisville at Valhalla.

But, he finished the first round four strokes behind Colin Montgomerie, the majors-skittish Scot who is anti-belovedly known to many American golf fans as Mrs. Doubtfire, thanks in part to hijinxing commenter David Feherty.

That's pretty sad. From what I've observed, he's spraying that driver all over the place, and the back 9 at Valhalla is not as forgiving as the front 9.

In addition to the surprise of Lee Westwood, in about an eight-way tie for first on the current list of best Englishman never to win a major, Red Shirt is behind a bunch of "who dats" and at least one other senior-circuit aged golfer, Miguel Angel Jimenez. My man Vijay Singh is at par. (And three under after Friday!)

That said, should Red Shirt hold on to make the cut, yet finish so far behind the leaderboard that he can't see it due to the earth's curvature, does he continue to beg the real TW, Tom Watson, for a Ryder Cup slot? (That's the Tom Watson who finished today a shot ahead of Tigah.)

Stay tuned. (And, yeah, I sent that zinger in by Twitter to John Hawkins at Golf Channel, and he ran it.)

There was another good one there on Friday:
Tiger talking a lot the last two weeks about his "firing sequence". I assume that means Fluff, then Butch, then Haney, then Stevie, correct?
And another:
 I don't like him, but Tiger is going to go down as the best golfer to have never won 15 majors.
Good night, prince.

That's assuming he makes the cut. He's tied for 110th right now. Valhalla is an easy track with lots of low scores out there. The only chance Tiger has at the cutline is going even or below tomorrow.

And, Rory McIlKing (nice pun, eh?) is far behind Westwood right now, but stand by. As he's at -3 through 14. And  has now finished at -5, just a stroke off the lead.

Anyway, with Rory, I think we're at the point, at least, where Vegas will soon automatically install him as the betting favorite at majors.

And again, with Tiger, we're at the point of no Ryder Cup for you! I don't want to come off as showing too much schadenfreude, but that could change if WDs before his second round is over, or tells some BS story afterward about his bad back even though on Wednesday he said he was totally healthy.

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