SocraticGadfly: Big biz tells West, Texas to fuck itself over fertilizer blast

July 27, 2014

Big biz tells West, Texas to fuck itself over fertilizer blast

Now, no newspaper would write a headline like that, or anything even close to that without massive bowderlization.

But, that's what the story and the actual headline of "Motions seek to blame city of West for devastating explosion" are saying:

Two of four fertilizer manufacturers or suppliers named as defendants in the massive West explosion litigation are seeking to blame the city of West and its volunteer firefighters for the disaster.

In recent motions aiming to designate the city of West as a “responsible third party” in the lawsuits, El Dorado Chemical Co. and CF Industries contend the city failed to properly train the first responders and had insufficient protocols in place to battle the April 17, 2013, blaze at West Fertilizer Co. that triggered the explosion.
Here's part of the insult:
 The motion from El Dorado also alleges that the city should be named as a responsible third party because it failed to protect its citizens by allowing through its zoning authority schools and a nursing home to operate in a close proximity to the plant.
First, funny how GOP-driven "tort deform" always targets individuals and not shyster businesses like this. That's because the like of Greg Abbott like shyster businesses like that.

Second, despite all this, will West go still go 70 percent or more GOP, as it has for a number of elections? I've got at least a fiver that says it does.

And, if it does, without being petty? Citizens of West, schadenfreude's a bitch.

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