November 19, 2012

Forget 2C — World Bank says 4C global warming ahead

Will the big business wing of the GOP listen to its fellow plutocrats at the World Bank on climate change, or will the tea partier wingnuts continue to rule the roost?

World Bank economists say forget about a 2C rise in temperatures by the end of this century. The expect a full 4C, or 9F change, is already pretty much “cooked in the books.”

Brad Plumer gives a good summary of just what’s at stake with that kind of change … including the fact that we probably don’t really know yet everything that could be at stake.

The full report is here (PDF).

Oh, and US climate scientists at Boulder agree with theWorld Bank on potentially needing to worry.
This is not just scary … it’s scary as shit.

Poor countries will suffer the most … while the energy-gluttonous USofA adds most to the problem as people crank up the AC even more and demand more cheap electricity if this comes to pass.

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