May 19, 2012

The real "secret" Obama

Per Mike the Mad Biologist, it's not the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but it's the degree to which Obama had already sold out iby 2008 to Chicago's rich whites with land and finance connections, and the upwardly mobile blacks working with them in the name of "urban renewal." (Mike forgets, on the white side, to mention the name of Tony Rezko.)

Anyway, that's the "community organizing" Obama was doing long before 2008.

Those of us who are true liberals knew that, at least in some degree, already back then, of course. The Rezko issue wasn't really whether or not he did Obama any financial favors; it was whether he was part of a larger group doing him political favors, including political finances.

That said, I do disagree with Mike about Mitt Romney. His "Seamus" incident goes to character, as does his modern reaction to it.

His post also tones down a bit the fire of the Robert Fitch original, more of which is contained here at Naked Capitalism. It's definitely worth a read.

The one outstanding question I have after all of this? Does Obama really believe the "Kumbaya" part of the Third Way crap, or is this just some shtick? Sadly, I think he at least 50 percent believes it, and at least 50 percent believes his Messianic Kumbaya old press clippings.

This is going to be one of the worst post-1900 presidential elections our country has had. Poppy Bush vs. Clinton and Shrub Bush vs. Gore were both better.

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