February 02, 2012

Maybe the Rangers should have signed Fielder

The Texas Rangers focused their offseason free-agent moves on the fees and contracts for wunderkind pitcher Yu Darvish, rather than chasing either Albert Pujols, who scared the hell out of Rangers manager Ron Washington in the World Series, or Prince Fielder.

And now, Josh Hamilton has reportedly had another relapse with alcohol. And, per Fox, this was getting drunk, not just a "slip." Given that this is the second (known) such event in three years, plus his injury history, I can't see the Rangers giving him a major free-agent offer in a year.

So what will they do? If Nelson Cruz has injury problems again, all of a sudden, the division is the Angels' to win, not theirs to lose.

Don't get me wrong; Darvish has the potential to be a great pitcher. But, potential isn't reality, and especially in a hitter-friendly park, I think the Rangers would have been better off beefing up the batting order. And, with his glove, Pujols would have been the better addition. (Not to mention a marketing hit from last year's World Series and his Hispanic background.)

Speaking of, will the Rangers consider a trade for one of the Angels' glut of hitters now?

I'll pass on Hamilton saying God told him he would hit a home run in Game 6 of that World Series vs. god and addictive behavior.

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